About Us


Made in Italy is history, passion, heritage research, taste and design. All the world has always tried to reach our refinement and elegance standards, and also our ability in pairing shapes, colors and flavors.

These skills are inborn, unreachable and inimitable.

Despite wishes, Made in Italy was prevented to spread due to the inability to tell the world about the existence of a so valuable excellence. Our pursue is to simplify the contact between customers, who appreciate the value of a product, and Italian companies.

Our target consists in bringing back to the surface all the colors, the shapes and Italian genuiness that made us distinguish in the world. We want to help landing on the market all those brands that could not do it alone, due to the lack of means and skills, by transforming our digital platform in a big bazar of Italian value.   

Our mission is to bring advanced and properly led buyers together with high quality brands in various product sectors, through an efficient digital communication path.

Trend and unique items harmoniously mix each other to give life to a new and modern sale template. This will mark a change in the way of purchasing Made in Italy products.

This means us letting all the world know the excellent Italian products, so that the market may taste, touch, see and feel the products made by Italian craftsmen.

What does exporting Made in Italy mean?

Il nostro diktat è aumentare la capacità di penetrazione nei mercati di tutto il mondo da parte delle aziende italiane. Soprattutto oggi le aziende dello stesso settore possono conseguire risultati completamente diversi a seconda delle strategie che mettono in atto. Pertanto, un’azienda ben seguita e affiancata da professionisti, può avere risultati impensabili, proprio utilizzando nuovi canali che accorciano tempi e spazi e che seguano le nuove abitudini d’acquisto dei clienti.   

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